Five Questions - and Answers - About Living in Residence at University

By Wilfrid Laurier University - Waterloo Campus Modified on April 15, 2022
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Not sure what to expect if you choose to live in residence in university? Laurier answers all your questions on getting ready for residence.

 Five Questions – and Answers – About Living in Residence at University

Living in residence during university can be a great experience for many students. It’s a chance to meet new people and get involved in activities outside of the classroom while knowing you have a safe, comfortable place to call home. Whether you know for sure that you want to live in residence or you’re still deciding what’s best for you, here are answers to five common questions.

1. Am I guaranteed a spot in residence?

Many universities will guarantee first-year students a spot in residence, but you will likely have to apply using a separate application to let the university know you’d like to live in residence. As well, there will probably be a deadline for you to submit your application. If you know for sure you want to live in residence, be sure you submit your application on time! And if you’re not sure about residence, check if you can cancel your application. It’s often easier to cancel after applying than it is to find a room after the application deadline has passed.

At Wilfrid Laurier University, all first-year students who haven’t previously attended a postsecondary institution are guaranteed a spot in residence, but they must apply by June 1, 2022.

2. What kind of residence room will I live in?

TV shows and movies often show university students living in rooms with a bed, desk, dresser — and all the student’s stuff! — and some residence rooms are like this. These are dormitory-style rooms, which will usually include all the furniture you need and may be for one person or two people. For the washroom, there might be one that you share with a roommate or one that is shared among everyone on the residence floor.

Another style of residence is apartment-style, which will have bedrooms for one or two students but also have a shared living space and full kitchen, just like an apartment. Different universities will offer different styles of rooms.

Laurier has both dormitory-style and apartment-style residences, and you can explore the rooms and buildings with our online tours.

3. What should I pack for residence?

It’s so much fun to think about moving into your own space and you might want to bring everything! You will likely need bedding, which you can bring from home or plan to buy when you get to the university. You’ll also need your clothes and shoes, towels, laundry supplies and your computer. Some universities might have guidelines on what you can and can’t bring, so be sure to check out the school’s residence website or watch for emails for more information. This will help make sure you pack everything you need.

4. What do I do for my meals?

Often when you live in residence, you’ll also need to participate in a meal plan. Even apartment-style residences with kitchens may require that you have a meal plan. The types of meal plans available will vary at different universities, so be sure to look online for more information on meal plan costs as well as what’s included.

At Laurier, there are different types of meal plans depending on which campus you live on and what type of residence you live in. There are lots of dining options on our campuses and dietary requests can often be accommodated.

5. I’m really excited now! When do I move in?

As an international student, moving into residence might be the first time you’re on the university campus, which is so exciting! Your university will likely send you an email with more information about when you can move in and there often there are upper-year students there to help you find your room and move in your stuff. You’ll be able to move in before classes start, often during orientation for first-year students. It’s good to move in a few days before you begin your studies so you can unpack, explore the campus, and start meeting new people!

If you choose to come to Laurier and live in residence here, we’ll be there to welcome you when you arrive and help you find your room.

Good luck with choosing the place to live that’s right for you!

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