Benefits to Living On-Campus at York University

By York University Modified on April 24, 2022
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5 top reasons why living on-campus maybe the best choice for you.

Benefits to Living On-Campus at York University

There are big plans to be made when choosing to study in another country, such as whether you will live on- or off-campus. York University has approximately 2,500 residence spaces available for students in ten different buildings within their Keele and Glendon campuses. In this article, we'll review the top benefits of living on-campus at one of York's residences.

No commuting to early morning classes

Commuting in public transport to get to 8:00 a.m. classes during the Canadian winter is not fun; it is snowy, slushy, windy, and cold. But by living on-campus, you can roll out of bed straight into your lecture hall. All jokes aside, living in York's residences makes it much easier and quicker to get to classes while also cutting your transportation costs!

More time to get involved with your college

Living on-campus will make it easier for you to get involved in campus events, volunteering activities, student clubs, and more! This is also a great way of making new friends and networking with your seniors and peers.

Avoid landlords and complex rent agreements

Finding a place to live in Toronto can be difficult and expensive, especially if you are in another country with the overwhelming task of learning about managing property owners, understanding complex rent agreements, and ensuring that everything is in place. York University's residence process is not only much simpler and easier to follow, but it includes all of your utilities which avoids extra fees.

Personalized meal plans

If you opt for a meal plan, you get access to a ton of food outlets on campus. You choose from a variety of restaurants for your daily meals. This saves you so much time that you would otherwise spend on cooking. More time to study and relax!

Applying for residence

A formal application needs to be filled out to be considered for a place in York's residences. On the application, you will be asked a variety of questions such as selecting your residence building preference.

Many students opt for a residence building based on their Faculty or program of study, or you can select a building based on the proximity to classes and other campus amenities. Every residence will offer a great first-year experience and support system as you make the transition to university life!

Interested in learning more? Visit our York University on-campus housing website.

If you have any questions about residence at York University, you can virtually meet with Housing Services or contact us on Twitter and Facebook. We can't wait to meet you in September!

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