Tips on Achieving Success in University

By York University Modified on July 12, 2022
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York University offers supports and service to help you achieve your academic goals.

Tips on Achieving Success in University

It is essential that students receive various supports and are offered services based on their specific needs to achieve academic success. York University recognizes that international students have added layers to their university journeys compared to domestic students. As a result, we would like to share with you how your university goals will be supported as a York University student:

York International

York is a great place for international students. York International (YI) will be your home away from home during your time at York. YI provides our community of nearly 7,200+ international students with services and programs designed to ease your transition to life in Canada. This includes everything from pre-arrival online support workshops, to employment and immigration matters and a Global Peer Program to connect international students with domestic students.

Choosing courses

At the beginning of each term, students are given enrolment windows to choose their courses. York's Academic Advising teams are specific to each Faculty and will guide you in the right track to selecting courses that will ensure you meet your academic goals and graduate as expected.

Many programs allow you to take general education and elective courses to round out your degree and/or pursue an interest outside of your main program of study. You can study from another topic of interest are passionate about as well as courses outside your program that may complement your degree.

Summer courses

Summer is always a great season if not solely for the weather. As students, we can take part in summer student employment or internships, but you can also enrol in accelerated courses throughout the Summer term!

Participating in summer courses can help to speed up your degree as well as easing your course load throughout the Fall and Winter terms, making it easier and better for future you. For example, you can take your general education or elective courses and focus on your Major and Minor courses throughout the Fall and Winter terms.

Purchasing textbooks

Whether you're looking for a Calculus textbook or the latest edition of Shakespeare's Hamlet, the York University Bookstore is the place to go for all your textbook needs. The Bookstore offers many options, including selling and renting books to purchasing digital materials, discounted used books, academic supplies and York-branded clothing. The York U Bookstore also offers online shopping options and textbook rentals for those who don't want to hold onto the book after your course is complete. They'll also help you make cash on your old textbooks through their Textbook Buyback Program!

Learning Skills Services

It is a good idea to freshen up your academic skills and learn new ones. York U's Learning Commons brings together various academic support services, including the Writing Centre and Learning Skills Services, to help students achieve academic success. Learning Skills Services is an academic support resource that helps students "learn how to learn" and improve pre-existing skills. They also run workshops and seminars on topics such as time management, organizational skills, and academic reading and note-taking skills. These services are available to all students, graduate and undergraduate, from any program, at any level of study.

Student Accessibility Services

If you are a student who identifies as having a disability, York's Student Accessibility Services provides registered students with individual accommodation plans based on their specific needs. The accommodations are then delivered to faculty members, explaining how they can meet the needs of their students. Accommodations are meant to remove a barrier while maintaining academic integrity. Some of the supports could include having access to alternate exams, extra time on tests, or access to a scribe. Students will also benefit if they have a mental health issue or a flare up of their condition, as the accommodations provide them with support for extra time.

If you have any more questions, reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook. We look forward to seeing you on campus!

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