Hearing from International Students at York University: Unique Perspectives

By York University Modified on March 27, 2023
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Learn about how York's students accessed supports to help them reach their goals.

Hearing from International Students at York University: Unique Perspectives

Moving to a new country to pursue your academic career is a big step. Check out how some of York's international students accessed various student resources to help them while studying in Canada. There's no better way to learn about a school than hearing from its students!

1. Connect with supports for international students

With York being in Toronto, you'll have access to many multicultural learning opportunities. Connect with people from across the world who want to achieve a similar goal: academic success.

There are many International Student Services to guide you during your time at York. For Kobe, a fourth-year student from Jamaica, support from York International helped answer many of his questions and get him on the right track.

"I recommend all international students start accessing York International's services first. As someone coming to Canada for the first time, I had many questions about how university seemed different than what I expected," he says. "By attending many workshops, social events, and using the different supports, I felt more comfortable about adjusting to living in Canada."

2. Access mental health resources

For Juan, several student services played a key role in his success. Juan, who graduated from York's iBBA program in 2022, works as a technical product manager in marketing artificial intelligence as part of the Graduate Leadership Program at Bell Media.

During his studies, Juan accessed York's Student Counselling, Health & Well-being and York International services. "Attending one-on-one counselling sessions with a mental health counsellor was essential to helping me manage stress," says Juan. "I used this service a lot during exam season, and it helped me feel more confident and prepared."

Juan, who came to study at York from Mexico, built a Toronto family from the many friends he made during his time at university. For current and future international students, Juan shares the following advice: "Always try new things, and simply say 'yes,'" says Juan. "It's always better to regret doing something and learn from it, than regret not doing anything at all."

3. Build your community through student clubs

There is a lot to learn throughout your university career. Creating your own community can help you overcome challenges that come your way and enjoy your experience.

Another great way to get involved at York is through one of the hundreds of student clubs available. For Kobe, this was a fantastic way to connect with others while studying. "Clubs provided an avenue of relaxation and social bonding," says Kobe. "Joining clubs really helped make York feel like a home away from home."

Apart from his studies, Kobe also works on campus as a student success mentor lead for the Black Excellence at York University program. He strongly recommends students get involved in the York community whenever possible.

After being part of York's diverse and inclusive campus, Kobe is ready to explore his next steps after graduation.

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