Get to Know Environmental Science at Mount Royal University

By Mount Royal University Modified on April 04, 2023
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BSc students learn everything they need to know to work in the growing environmental sector.

Get to Know Environmental Science at Mount Royal University

Do you have a passion for the environment? Want to make a positive mark on the world? Environmental science could be the right career path for you! Environmental science is an interdisciplinary field that combines elements of biology, chemistry, physics, and geography to address issues related to climate change, environmental protection, and environmental policies.

The environmental sector is a growing industry, and Mount Royal University's Bachelor of Science -- Environmental Science can help prepare you for success through a combination of classroom instruction, lab experience, research opportunities, and paid work term placements.

Research and new science labs

At Mount Royal, research is an integral part of the undergraduate student experience, not just something a professor does in a lab down the hall. Recently, MRU opened two new cutting-edge labs: the Environmental Forensics and Arson Lab and the Foot-Ankle Stability Lab.

"These spaces create bold learning, engagement and training opportunities for our students, which is very much a signature of the MRU experience," says Dr. Jonathan Withey, DPhil, dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology.

The Environmental Forensics and Arson Lab supports Dr. Gwen O'Sullivan, professor and chair of MRU's Earth and Environmental Sciences, with what she calls environmental "crime-scene investigations." The lab also means greater opportunities for environmental science students to work within a professional setting, including research into climate change, toxicology, and contamination and remediation.

Gain valuable work experience

In addition to valuable lab work on campus, environmental science students also gain experience through two four-month paid work term placements in the environmental sector. You could find work with provincial or federal government organizations, an energy company, lab or research facilities and more ? there's no shortage of places this degree can take you!

These work terms help you take the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom and apply your learning in real-world scenarios. It is also a great opportunity to make industry connections and develop practical skills highly valued by employees.

"Work terms were paramount in creating applicable workplace skills, a thorough understanding of the industry, and networks that have been essential in my career," says MRU environmental science alumnus Glenn Harashym, who currently works as a science analyst. "My employers have always been impressed with how much I understand concepts before doing something new for the first time."

Ready for the future

With a solid skill set developed through classroom instruction, hands-on research and industry placement, MRU environmental grads are ready for whatever comes next. You could pursue further education at the graduate level, or begin a rewarding career as an environmental consultant, resource manager, or reclamation advisor, just to name a few options.

Karlee Bendera, MRU alumna and current Project Manager with the Yukon Government, says the program taught her many things that she now uses daily in her career, including the fundamentals of field work, report writing, regulatory management and professional development.

"Not only did this program teach me facts, methods, and equations relating to environmental science, but it provided me with the tools to expand my knowledge, skills, and to grow as an environmental professional."

Learn more about studying at MRU and take the first step towards a future in environmental science!

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