9 Cool Courses You Can Take at TMU Next Semester

By Toronto Metropolitan University Modified on September 19, 2023
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TMU offers some interesting and unusual courses that will keep your degree exciting! Here's a handful, selected by TMU student Nick.

9 Cool Courses You Can Take at TMU Next Semester

Written by Nick Lum, a third-year Nursing student at Toronto Metropolitan University.

The transition from secondary school to university was definitely an interesting period. I found it so cool that students could choose from various intriguing courses with different class times, professors, and buildings. Did I want to have my Intro to Programming class in the Cineplex Movie Theatre or the Engineering Computer lab? I never really had that opportunity back in secondary school.

When deciding between universities, I knew I wanted to choose a program that allowed me to gain real-world experience and be prepared to dive into my post-grad career. I knew I couldn't stay in the classroom for all four years of my undergrad education. Luckily, TMU offers experiential learning. It's like the best of both worlds to suit my needs.

As a Nursing student, my week each semester is so dynamic. I get to learn theory in class and apply what I've learned in my clinical placements at the hospital or in the community while working with patients.

Luckily, I've narrowed it down and compiled a list of nine cool or unusual undergraduate courses you can take at Toronto Met — some of which my friends and I have taken! (Always be sure to check your program's course requirements and exclusions before enrolling.)

1. PCS181: Introduction to Astronomy

Want to learn about random facts to impress your date or friends? This course will cover topics about the stars, galaxies, and whatever exists in our universe.

2. 2. GCM130: Design and Layout

Interested in learning how to use Adobe Illustrator? Designs made by students are posted on the Instagram course page to showcase all the creativity.

3. RTA950: Selected Topics in Media

Have you heard about the course about Drake and the Weeknd? Well, this is the one! But topics change every semester, so who knows what's next?

4. NSE221: Clinical Practice III

Although this is a mandatory course, it was one of the most exciting courses I've taken in the Nursing program.

I learned about IVs, blood transfusions, chest tubes, and more, through lectures, labs, and simulations with realistic mannequins. As part of the course, I got the opportunity to live my Grey's Anatomy fantasy through one of my clinical placements (less romance and drama, more learning). I was always busy running around like an intern, practicing my skills and interacting with patients!

5. GEO793: The Geography of Toronto

This fun course will teach you more about the city you live in and its history.

6. RTA937: Business of Music II

Want to get hands-on experience planning a concert for a local Toronto artist?

"I found this course so interesting because I got to do a photoshoot, interview, and plan a concert on campus for a local Toronto artist." - Giuli, third-year Creative Industries student.

7. JRN851: Newsroom Masthead

This is a 100% practical course. Students get to work for a student-run publication called On the Record. Roles are either as a part-time or full-time student and include reporter, copy editor, and section editor. The course and work are constantly updated to meet industry standards, so you'll be well-prepared to work after graduation.

"I loved this course since it helped me decide if daily journalism was right for me. Also, the professors treat the students as co-workers." - Jennifer, fourth-year Journalism student.

8. CHY183: Intro to Forensic Science

This course involves watching Forensic Files videos about real-life crime investigations. If you're interested in learning how forensic crime cases are solved, this is the course for you! Also, you don't need background knowledge in chemistry to take this course.

9. ZON100: Zone Learning Project I

Do you have a passion project that you want to start or grow for credit? Students enrolled in this course will receive guidance from industry professionals!

Some amazing startups from the Zone Learning network include Mejuri and Inkbox.

Of course, there are plenty of other courses available at Toronto Met that might excite you! Not sure where to start? Consider the experiential learning options at TMU. You'll get to learn in a hands-on way and discover your interests and aptitudes. Good luck, and have fun!

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