Why Should You Live in Residence?

By Tyndale University Modified on June 03, 2024
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Discover the benefits to living in residence at Tyndale University.

 Why Should You Live in Residence?

If you’re about to enter your first year of university, you may be wondering about where you’re going to live. Residences are a great option for students! The experience gained from living in residence is a valuable part of your education and can contribute to an amazing first year.

Want to know why exactly you should consider living on-campus? Check out these benefits for students living in residence at Tyndale University:

1. Unique community experience

As a student living in residence, you’ll be able to meet other students and build life-long connections. You’ll be able to create a community of friends and peers where you can study together, go to social events, and hang out with your friends in one of the 24-hour residence lounges. You’ll live in a close-knit and diverse community; one you’ll remember for many years after university.

2. Living in residence is convenient

You are within a convenient distance from classes, amenities, and activities on-campus and off-campus. You can:

  • Prepare some of your own food in the residence kitchenettes.
  • Enjoy hot meals prepared just for you. Our kitchen can accommodate special dietary restrictions.
  • Connect to the internet through our campus-wide wireless network.
  • Get your mail sent directly to you at your Tyndale mailbox.
  • Do you laundry without leaving your residence floor.
  • You can bring your fish to live with you in residence.

There are also a lot of great places on campus that can help you navigate your university experience.

3. Live worry-free

Live independently in residence without having to worry about cooking your own food, cutting the lawn, or maintaining a car. Don’t worry about getting a gym membership — you’ll have access to the Henderson Fitness Centre to get a great workout in! And if you don’t feel like cooking or are craving a snack in between classes, you can treat yourself to a coffee or snack at the Lamp Post Café.

4. Easy transition to living independently

The intentional community, the Residence Advisor Team, and the location provide a safe space for students to explore their own living styles and take on the responsibilities of living on their own. This creates a more seamless transition for students as they go from living with their parents to living more independently. But don’t worry, you won’t be alone! There are opportunities for you to connect and interact with other students in your residence through events run by your residence hall.

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