Lina's Tips: Job Seekers, Roll Up Your Sleeves for the Holidays!

By Lina Badih
Staff Editor

If you're a job seeker, these are definitely not easy times. Employment experts say looking for a job in most fields is even tougher today than it was before September 11. But if you think you can use the economy, or international terrorism, as an excuse to slack off in your job search, keep reading.

Many job seekers are under the impression that December is not a good time to call companies asking for a job. Wrong! Recruiters say that December is one of the strongest hiring months of the year. That's because new budgets come out in January, and it's towards the end of the year when companies pass their budgets and plan to take in hires for the new year. Accordingly, December is indeed a perfect time to be looking for a job.

In fact, Christmas and New Year's are the best excuse to call your contacts, wish them happy holidays, and perhaps follow up regarding a potential opportunity you have discussed in the past. Companies do the same with their clients, so why shouldn't you? Work the phones. In the meantime, keep sending out your résumé. Remember that everybody you're competing with for jobs is so busy planning or shopping for the holidays that your chances of landing a job are even higher!

Also, take the time to reassess your career goals and job-search strategy. Review your resolutions of last year, set new goals and deadlines and renew your commitment to your career search.

If you do all of the above, your efforts will pay off. And who knows? You might be starting the new year with a brand-new job. So roll up your sleeves and get started!
Modified on April 23, 2009