A world of possibilities - and planning! What to do after you get accepted

by Jessica M. Barr


It's every student's dream. You've applied to the three best schools in Canada and are waiting nervously to hear back from them. Then one day you get three envelopes with university or college logos on them. It's the moment of truth. You open the envelopes and hold your breath. And then you start jumping up and down. You've been accepted - to all three!

Now what?

Deciding which school to attend can be almost as stressful as applying and waiting to hear from them. There are lots of things to consider, and lots of preparations to make after you decide. But don't worry! The worst part is behind you - enjoy your success and take a look at the following points to consider.

Depending on your situation, this may be the easiest or the hardest part of the process. Start by weighing the pros and cons of each school choice. You can use www.SchoolFinder.com to compare the schools to each other in terms of tuition, programs, resources, extracurricular activities, and financial aid.

  • Money: If money is a concern you may decide to go to the school that has offered you the best scholarship package. Also consider tuition rates and living expenses.
  • Location: Going to a school in your hometown means that you may be able to save a huge amount of money by living at home, but going elsewhere provides a wealth of new experiences and possibilities. Think about what is important for you in the long term.
  • Community: Think about what your values and interests are. Does your prospective school have resources for you? Does the city or town suit you? If possible, take a tour of the school - this could make a huge difference in your decision-making.

When you have decided which school to attend make sure to let them know! They can't read your mind, so it is very important that you contact the school as soon as possible to inform them of your choice and to inquire about what your next steps should be.

Most likely, the school will need a deposit or tuition payment from you before they confirm your enrolment. Be sure to do this on time! It is up to you to make sure you're really going to your chosen school, so be thorough.

Of the many preparations you'll have to make, choosing your courses is among the most important. Think carefully about what you want to study. Look at upper-level courses that interest you and work backward through the prerequisites to see what you should be taking now in order to get there. Courses tend to fill up quickly, so enrol as early as possible to make sure you get what you want. It's worth the effort.

Now have fun as you embark on your awesome educational journey!

Modified on April 23, 2009