Some online resources you can use to find available spaces

By Rob Taylor

Did you know that there are spaces out there for students wanting to still apply for university or college in the upcoming fall term? At least there were as of June 13, 2007. Here are a few tools that you can use to find those schools.

The OUAC (Ontario Universities Application Centre) Admission Information - Referral Service
This page has a search form you can use to look through the universities in Ontario and see what programs still have space in them. Last time I looked, there were over 600 programs still with space in, with subjects ranging from social work to nursing to neuroscience.

The OCAS (Ontario College Application Service) Find a Program search
This page has a search form to look for available programs at Ontario colleges. While there’s no filter on the search to turn up results for only those programs that have spaces, you can sort by availability. I wasn’t able to do a quick audit of how many programs, when I looked, every area of study had open spaces. Advanced Search
Unfortunately, there are no such tools for students wanting to go to schools in other provinces. The next best thing to do is to check out the advanced search on Find the program you are interested in and then visit the Web page of the school to find out if they are still accepting applications.

Unfortunately, some of these schools don’t have program availability posted on their Web sites, so you may have to actually contact them to see if they are full and if they are not, what their application procedures are.

Got another good resource to check out? Let us know by sending us an e-mail message!

Modified on April 23, 2009