The Challenges to Working in Canada

Key to Canadian society and Canadian employers is to attract and keep newcomers who want to work in their professional field and contribute to society. However, the ability to communicate and work in English or French is essential to finding a job.

Newcomers generally have good conversational language skills when they arrive in Canada, but they often have to improve their language skills specifically for the workplace. So, learning English or French is the first challenge when coming to Canada.

Through job-specific language training, Axion 21 provides newcomers with the communicative skills that will help them to more easily and quickly find and keep jobs for which they are qualified. We also prepare students for language proficiency tests.

Students may choose among a whole range of practical, efficient, and reliable English and French language programs based on international and Canadian standards of second language proficiency for better communicative performance in educational, training, community, and workplace settings.
AXION 21 International Linguistic Centre
Modified on November 09, 2009