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Building a Better Study Session
Check out these tips to help you get things done.
Preparing for Upcoming Exams and Final Tests
Check out these helpful tips for succeeding in your exams.
Gearing Up for December
As you prepare for exams and final projects, make sure you keep these 10 tips for managing school and self-care in mind.
How to Nail Your Elevator Pitch
Can you make a lasting impression on someone in just 30 seconds? Find out how you can create an elevator pitch just for you.
The Balancing Act: Navigating Academic Pressure with Mental Wellness
Get advice from a current Western student on how she navigated the pressures of academic success with taking care of her mental well-being.
McMaster Breaks Ground on its Largest, Most Innovative Student Residence
A new residence at McMaster University is scheduled to open for Fall 2026, helping to guarantee housing for all first-year undergraduate students.
Discover the Benefits to Carleton’s Co-op Advantage
Get a head start on your career with a co-op program at Carleton University.
Jobs and Co-ops for International Students at UFV
Discover your options for working on- or off-campus, volunteering, or participating in a co-op program at the University of the Fraser Valley.
Top Four Things to See and Ask When Visiting Campus
Going on any campus visits soon? Find out what you should ask about while you're there.
6 Important Questions to Ask at an Open House
Here are some questions to consider while you explore the schools that interest you.
Capacity for MRU’s Pilot and Flight Training Program Doubles Thanks to Federal Investment
Check out the exciting new aviation opportunities coming to MRU, which includes a new Bachelor of Aviation Management degree!
Investing Time in Your Personal Growth and Wellness
Putting aside some time (and energy!) for yourself is an important part of living a healthy, balanced life, as a student, and beyond.
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