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The Great Student Housing Dilemma
On-campus or off-campus housing: which is right for you?
What I Wish I Had Known in my First Year of University
6 pieces of advice for future first-year students from someone who's been there.
The Major Differences Between High School Classes and University Lectures
Discover the changes you can expect to see in your university lectures that are different from your high school classes.
8 Things I wish I
A Dalhousie student shares some challenges she faced in first year and how you can avoid them.
5 Back-to-School Tips for University Students
Class is almost back in session... Here are the must-knows from a 4th year student.
Top Five Study Spots at York University
Looking for a quiet place to study? We've got you covered!
Six Things You can Try This Summer
Are you finding yourself bored during the summer? Try these fun activities to fill your time.
Finding Your Fit at University: 5 Tips to Get Involved
New experiences are what university life is all about! Here's how to make the most of your time as a student.
University Bucket List: Things to Do at UFV
Enjoy your time at university with these fun activities!
Eating Well, Spending Less: Grocery Shopping on a Student Budget
Are you living away from home? Grocery shopping may be a new experience, but it can get expensive. Follow these tips to manage your spending on food.
Why You Should Study in Manitoba
Red River College Polytechnic shares some of the many exciting benefits of living in Manitoba.
Get Involved with CBU
At Cape Breton University, you'll find plenty of options for getting involved with recreation and creative arts activities.
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