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The Perks of Living on Campus
Discover why you should consider living in residence.
Make the Most of Your University Experience by Getting Involved
A Carleton University student shares her reasons why you should participate in extracurriculars.
How to Survive Cold and Flu Season
A Dalhousie University student shares her top tips for staying healthy during cold and flu season.
All You Need to Know About Where to Study in Toronto
Discover the best spots in the city to get your studying done.
"I just think Laurier does it best.": A Student
3rd-year BBA student Alya Salma Najla shares her experiences on getting involved at Laurier.
Dealing with FOMO
Are you afraid of missing out? Find out how you can be involved but not take it so far that it’s beyond your capacity.
6 Important Questions to Ask at an Open House
Discover important questions to consider when exploring the schools that interest you.
The Best Ways to Balance a Work-Study Lifestyle
Discover the top tips for how you can thrive when working part-time while studying.
Winter in Toronto: Everything You Need to Stay Warm
Discover the top 5 things you'll need to stay warm during a Canadian winter.
Life in Ottawa: A Student-Friendly Student Full of Opportunities
Learn what makes the nation's capital such a special place for students of all kinds!
Indigenizing Post-Secondary Education at Conestoga College
Incorporating Indigenous ways of knowing and learning is important as part of the road to reconciliation.
Study Space Secrets: How I Built My Study-at-Home Setup
Designing my study space helped me make the most of my homework time. Here's how I did it!
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