Poll Results

Will you need financial help to pay for higher education?

Nope, I’m independently wealthy, I’m all set!

% - 11 vote(s)

Nope, my parents will cover my tuition - thanks mom & dad!

3% - 40 vote(s)

Nope, I've won so many scholarships it’s going to be a free ride!

% - 12 vote(s)

A little bit of help, I’ve got most of my expenses covered.

7% - 93 vote(s)

A moderate amount of help, I’ve got more than half of what I expect I’ll need.

17% - 227 vote(s)

Lots of financial help, I’ve only got enough funds for a small portion of my expenses.

70% - 923 vote(s)

Current vote tally: 1,306

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