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Essential Skills For Mental Health & Addictions Practice

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Program Information

School:ADLER Graduate Professional School
Faculty:Continuing Education
Field of Study:Substance Abuse/Addiction Counselling
Description:This program of learning will allow participants to deepen their knowledge in three essential areas related to the treatment of mental health and addiction problems: pharmacotherapy, brief interventions, and motivational interviewing. The Pharmacotherapy module will examine the major groupings of psychoactive drugs; stimulants, hallucinogens, psychotherapeutic agents and depressants including opioids. Participants will gain insights into what occurs at the brain level to a person taking different psychoactive drugs - from cocaine and crystal meth to cannabis and ecstasy to alcohol, methadone and others - and the resulting psychological and social consequences. Biological concepts will be presented from a counsellor's perspective to allow participants a better holistic understanding of the interactions of drugs upon behaviour. At the conclusion of the workshop participants will no longer be intimidated by concepts such as pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, but instead will appreciate the role of neurotransmitters and why administration, distribution, metabolism, elimination and half-life determine why drugs lead people to behave the way that they do. This workshop will also assist participants to distinguish between the myths and fears surrounding psychoactive drugs and replace that with facts and truths.
URL:Essential Skills For Mental Health & Addictions Practice at ADLER Graduate Professional School
Length:1 Month(s)
Modified on June 24, 2016