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Established in 1827, the University of Toronto is Canada’s largest and most research-intensive university and the only Canadian university to be named in the top 20 in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. Located in and around Toronto, one of the world’s most diverse regions, the University of Toronto’s vibrant academic life is defined by the cultural diversity in its community.

Standing on the shoulders of one of the world's greatest universities, the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto (Institut d'études pédagogiques de l'Ontario de l'Université de Toronto), OISE, has for more than a century, made a major contribution to advancing education at home and around the world. With more than 72,000 alumni, 3,000 students (in initial teacher education and graduate programs), close to 7,000 continuing education students, and 20 research centers, ours is a unique academic environment supporting a scholarly community second-to-none. Guided by our commitment to equity and social justice, and mindful of our special responsibility to lead, we will not only sustain but enhance our impact as we continue to shape how the world thinks and goes about education.

Areas of Expertise

OISE is the only all-graduate institute of teaching, learning and research in Canada. We are recognized around the world as a leader in graduate programs in areas such as education, teaching and applied psychology. We are the largest and most research-intensive institute of education in Canada and one of the largest in North America. OISE offers a wide-range of academic and professional programs involving the study of learning from birth through adulthood. For example, our Master of Education programs emphasize both academic and professional learning in a range of fields. Also, if you are thinking of becoming a teacher, explore our Master of Teaching (MT) program which offers you the unique opportunity to both earn a graduate degree and to be eligible for Ontario teacher certification. With our graduate degrees, you can join graduates who have leadership positions and advanced careers within and beyond the field of education.

To learn about our programs, please visit:

On Campus Housing

Finding and maintaining suitable housing is key to your personal and academic success. Drop by for a visit! Housing Services offers the information, resources and support you need to meet your housing goals. RESIDENCE INQUIRIES Tel: 416-978-8047 GENERAL INQUIRIES Tel: 416-978-8045 Fax: 416-978-1616

Off Campus Housing

Finding and maintaining suitable housing is key to your personal and academic success. Drop by for a visit! Housing Services offers the information, resources and support you need to meet your housing goals. GENERAL INQUIRIES Tel: 416-978-8045 Fax: 416-978-1616 Dr. Sheldon Granke, Registrar and Acting Director, Student Services. email:

Incoming Students

As a student at OISE, you will access to: one of the largest library collections related to teaching and education in North America; an array of support services with our OISE Student Services to help you succeed; a wide range of IT resources to help you prepare for the classrooms of the 21st century and, all of the services and resources of the University of Toronto including Hart House and amazing athletics facilities.

Career Planning

The mandate of OISE Student Services is to assist and enhance the intellectual, personal, professional, and career development of students as they engage in academic and professional learning at OISE. Visit their website to learn more: Our students can also tap into the rich array of resources offered through the University of Toronto's Student Life Programs and Services; learn more at:


U of T has the largest intramural sports program in Canada. This year an expected 10,000 students will compete in 76 divisions and 21 sports. Athletes at varying levels of ability play on teams tiered for fairness and gamesmanship. Across all three campuses, men and women play the classic intramural sports such as soccer, hockey and basketball, as well as modern sport leagues for ultimate frisbee and water polo. In addition, U of T varsity teams have won every major Canadian university sporting championship over the past century. U of T has 44 men’s and women’s teams, showcasing over 900 student athletes who represent U of T locally, provincially, nationally and internationally. Read more about U of T Athletics and Recreation at:


OISE and the University of Toronto offers a wide range of student services and facilities. To learn more visit:


OISE Graduate Students' Association is OISE's official graduate student government and is affiliated with the Graduate Students' Union. It is an advocacy group which lobbies on behalf of students in social, cultural, and political events of interest to students. More student clubs and services is available at:

Information Technology

The OISE Education Commons provides the services traditionally associated with libraries, distance learning, computing, and media centres to meet the information and technology needs of the OISE community. The EC seeks to provide "one-stop-shopping" for knowledge services. It supports and promotes the use of technology, including computers and multimedia, in all aspects of OISE activity. Learn more at:

Special Services

OISE Student Services works in close alliance with the University's Accessibility Services Office and facilitates the implementation of recommendations authorized by that office for various accommodations for students with a disability. Learn more at:

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