Computer Engineers

(NOC 2147)


These statistics are for the career group Other Engineers (NOC 214), which includes Computer Engineers.

Workers are employed in the following industries: Professional, scientific and technical services (38%), Information and cultural industries (19%), Manufacturing (16%), Wholesale trade (8%), Public administration (5%).

According to the Labour Force Survey (2009), 11% of workers in this group were self-employed, while the average for all occupations was 16%.

Women represented 18% of workers in this occupation, compared to the average of 48% for all occupations.

This occupation (Computer Engineers (Except Software Engineers and Designers)) is part of a larger group called Other Engineers (NOC 214). According to the Labour Force Survey (2009), the unionization rate for this group was 14%, while the unionization rate for all occupations was 31%.

Modified on May 12, 2012