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Top Time Management Tips for Busy Students
Fourth-year student Jessie offers tips for balancing good grades and having a social life.
Think Outside the Box When it Comes to Scholarships
On ScholarshipsCanada, 86% of scholarships offered do not require an academic average!
Start Your Pathway to Canada in China
Centennial College (Toronto, Canada) offers credit-transfer pathways and visa support.
5 Helpful Tips For Scholarship Applications
UOIT brings you tips to apply for their prestigious Global Leadership Award and other scholarships.
Make Your Arrival to Canada as Smooth as Possible
Check out the Soft-Landing Program!
Finding Home at University
There are many ways to make a home at university in Canada
UCalgary Welcomes You with Open Arms
You’ll be amazed at how fast Calgary feels like home.
Find Your New Sunny Home At The University Of Lethbridge (uLethbridge)
Traveled 9,772 km, 32 hours to start my MA program in Alberta’s Destination University, the University of Lethbridge!
Moving to Canada
Bow Valley College is the only public, a comprehensive community institutio...
How to Bring a Campus to Life and Make the Most of Your Education
College life is more than studying and exams. Get ‘The Algonquin Advantage’.
Resources to Help Make Canada Feel Like Home
Campus resources for international students.
Are You A Fit For Grad School?
Five things to consider before submitting your application.
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