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Prepare for Takeoff
What you need to know before starting your academic journey in Canada
Work Opportunities for International Students
Did you know that you can work while you study at York University?
Six Reasons Why Scholarships Might Not Be As Competitive As You Think
Some students don’t even apply for scholarships because they think they it’s too competitive and they won’t win...
The Benefits of a Pre-University Program at Kells Academy
Kells Academy's one-year academic pre-university program can support students through the critical transition between secondary school and university.
Ways to Make Friends and Learn About Canadian Culture
Studying in Canada isn’t just about going to class and working on assignments.
You Must Follow Directions to Win Scholarships
You don’t want to put in a lot of work on an application, and then be disqualified for some silly oversight!
5 Application Tips for Getting into an Art and Design University in Canada
Learn how to make sense of Canadian admission requirements.
5 Reasons to Choose Canada for High School
Preparing yourself for the Canadian university experience of your dreams!
How to Read a Scholarship Application: Why you should read the fine print
Some scholarship applications provide valuable guides and, if you’re not reading the fine print, you’ll miss it.
Useful Tips for Submitting Your York U Application
A Guide to York U’s Application Process for International Students
A Girl Power Approach to Education!
How All-Girls Schools are Shaping this Generation’s Confident Girls
Experience the Vibrant Life at BVC
Discover opportunities to engage with the BVC community.
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