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Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Classroom: Opportunities, Challenges, and Advice
AI's everywhere these days. Here's how MRU students and instructors can use AI in their schoolwork.
An Introduction to York University for International Students
Discover the benefits of choosing York University as an international student!
How to Choose a University Program as an International Student Coming to Canada
Six simple questions to help guide you to the right school and program when you're studying abroad.
9 Cool Courses You Can Take at TMU Next Semester
TMU offers some interesting and unusual courses that will keep your degree exciting! Here's a handful, selected by TMU student Nick.
How to Prepare for University
Getting yourself ready for the student lifestyle!
How to Take the Best Notes in University or College
Adjusting to being back at school also means updating how you take notes in your classes. Find out the best ways you should be taking notes.
10 Ways to Build Good Habits in Lecture Halls
With school back in swing, you might be feeling antsy in big lecture halls. Here's how to thrive in a tough environment.
How to Become a Data Scientist in Canada
Have you ever wanted to predict the future? Are you tech-savvy? Discover how you can become a data scientist in Canada!
How to Become a Lawyer in Canada
Can you picture yourself standing in a courtroom making a case to a jury? Discover what it takes to become a lawyer and if it's the career for you.
What to Expect in University
School has begun, so here's what you can expect when you step onto campus.
4 Tips for Success: Things I Wish I Knew as a First-Year Student
Check out these four big factors that could help you make a splash in your first year of university or college.
How to Become a Dental Hygienist
Discover what a typical day as a dental hygienist looks like and how you can make it your career.
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