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All About: Reasons to Study in Canada in 2024 and Beyond
Canada's one of the world's leaders in international education. Find out why!
All About: How to Get a Study Permit in Canada
Want to study here in Canada? First, you'll need a valid study permit. Here's a 5-step guide to getting one.
Canada Putting a Cap on International Student Admissions for Two Years
After years of growth in the number of international students in Canada, the government is cutting back for 2024 and beyond. Here's what this means for you.
How to Apply to Ontario Colleges as a Canadian or International Student
A guide to to help you get your application in. The equal consideration deadline is February 1!
How to Apply to Ontario Universities Through OUAC
The deadline for Canadian students to apply for universities in Ontario is January 15!
Canadian Careers In Demand: 2023-2031
StatCan and COPS have identified a handful of career fields that will face structural shortages over the coming years. These could be great careers to consider if you don't know what to study!
Tuition Costs for International Undergraduate and Graduate Students in Canada
A cross-country inventory of tuition costs for international students, with a focus on field and level of study.
Canada Doubling the Financial Requirement for International Students to Receive Study Permits
As of January 1, 2024, students will need at least $20,635 CAD in the bank to get a study permit, and this is likely to rise further each year.
How to Find Student Housing in Canada
Canada's housing market is rough, so finding a place to live as an international student isn't easy. Here's how you can find a room to rent.
All About: Canadian Schools, Degrees, and Specialties
Canada has different school types, degree types, and academic specialties. Check out what they are.
All About: How to Study in Canada as an International Student
There's lots to consider before choosing Canada. Here, we'll get into the nitty-gritty of what you need to know — and how you can pay for it.
All About: Working in Canada as an International Student
What to expect when working on- or off-campus, and how to stay in Canada to work after you graduate.
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