Discover: Paying for School

Working During University: How to Find the Right Job for You
Wilfrid Laurier University has the programs, resources, and support you need for job success and financial well-being.
Thrive as an international student with a grand prize scholarship of US $10,000.
Student Savings: Steps to Success
Sharing tried-and-true tips for life on a budget!
Make Your Money Go Further While in College
Alexander College shares some tips on how you can save money while in school.
Budgeting for Post-Secondary: Saving and Spending Wisely
From making a budget to tracking your spending, being money-smart will help you succeed in school and life.
Six Ways a Student Can Get the Most Out of Their Summer Break
It's summer vacation for college students and Centennial has some recommendations for how to spend your time.
The John Molson School of Business has received a donation from private equity firm Novacap to provide funding for female finance students.
Find Guaranteed Paid Internships at Huron
At Huron University College, we want to give all of our students the chance to earn money and gain job experience while learning.
Discover Everything You Need to Know About Scholarships has over 93,000 awards, but do you know what the most important scholarship eligibility factors in our database are?
University of Alberta: Tuition Guarantees and Substantial Scholarships
U of A makes planning tuition costs and finding scholarships easy for you as an international student!
Budget Smart: Studying in Canada on a Tight Budget
Keeping track of your finances is critical if you're going to study at a Canadian college or university.
The Benefits of Applying for Scholarships
5 time-tested ways to finance your academic growth.
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