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Financial Finesse: Tips on Paying for University for International Students
Getting scholarships and bursaries can make a big difference for your funds.
International Students, Don
Make sure you've got the facts so you don't leave cash unclaimed.
How to Earn While You Learn
Scholarships and employment opportunities for international students in Canada.
Small Scholarships, Big Rewards
Less competition and other good reasons to apply for smaller awards.
And what are the best options for international students to consider?
7 Keywords to Include When Applying for Scholarships
Popular terms you'll want to explore when applying for awards.
Getting a Scholarship as an International Student
There are many awards and scholarships that can help fund your studies in Canada!
Six Reasons Why Scholarships Might Not Be As Competitive As You Think
Some students don’t even apply for scholarships because they think they it’s too competitive and they won’t win...
Planning Your Finances as an International Student
Budgeting, banking and employment tips to help you plan your life in Canada!
Funding Your Canadian Studies: Scholarships and More!
First off, yes! International students are eligible for many awards!
Work Opportunities for International Students
Did you know that you can work while you study at York University?
How Can You Afford Your Dream University?
A few scholarship and application tips to get you started on the road to university.
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