Discover: Life in Canada

Summer in Canada for International Students: Studying, Working, and More
Discover your options for expanding your education through the summer break.
Getting Ready for Canada as an International Student
From immigration documents to learning about your new country and city, here's what you need to know as an international student in Canada.
Everything You Need to Know About Co-op Programs as an International Student
Are you considering adding a co-op program to your degree? Have all your questions answered in this one article!
All About: Reasons to Study in Canada in 2024 and Beyond
Canada's one of the world's leaders in international education. Find out why!
Canadian Careers In Demand: 2023-2031
StatCan and COPS have identified a handful of career fields that will face structural shortages over the coming years. These could be great careers to consider if you don't know what to study!
Canada Doubling the Financial Requirement for International Students to Receive Study Permits
As of January 1, 2024, students will need at least $20,635 CAD in the bank to get a study permit, and this is likely to rise further each year.
Work Opportunities for International Students
Did you know that you can work while you study at York University?
Dear First Year Me
Isioma's got a year of university under her belt, so she writes a letter to her past self about her time so far at TMU!
Coming to Canada as an Indian Student: Yes, Canada
Canada's at diplomatic odds with India right now. Is Canada still a safe place for Indian students to study?
Toronto Spots That Remind Me of Home
TMU student Yutang Song shares some of her favourite downtown restos and shops that offer a taste of home.
Light the World Up with Electrical Engineering Technician or Technology
Centennial College can introduce you to a career in electrical engineering technician or technology.
How to Find Student Housing in Canada
Canada's housing market is rough, so finding a place to live as an international student isn't easy. Here's how you can find a room to rent.
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