Discover: Life in Canada

Updated: Become a Permanent Resident in Canada with this New Government Program
Canada is opening a new pathway to permanent residence for temporary workers and international graduates, as well as a new open work permit.
How to Travel to Canada for School This Fall
With Covid-19 restrictions slowly being lifted, the opportunity to travel to Canada to study has started again!
5 Ways to Make Friends While Studying Abroad
Enhance your international university experience by connecting with fellow students.
The World of Automation Engineers
Find out everything you need to know about automation engineers!
How to Get a Study Permit in Canada
Find out everything you need to know about study permits in Canada
13 Places to Visit in Canada
Want to experience the best of Canada? Check out these attractions from every province and territory!
My Virtual First Year as a University Student in Canada
I lived on campus and went to school online for my first year. It was a little strange, but not all bad!
The Importance of Soft Skills and Your Future Career
Soft skills like communication, teamwork, professional and ethical behaviour are crucial to a successful career.
Get Paid Work Experience While You Study: Co-op & More!
The best learning environments unite theory and practice.
Updated: When Will the Quarantine End in Canada?
Around 2 million Canadians have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine so far!
Got Your PGWP? You Can Apply for an Open Work Permit in Canada
To help international students thrive in Canada, the open work permit process is being expanded.
Work Opportunities for International Students
Did you know that you can work while you study at York University?
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