Discover: Life in Canada

Toronto Spots That Remind Me of Home
TMU student Yutang Song shares some of her favourite downtown restos and shops that offer a taste of home.
Light the World Up with Electrical Engineering Technician or Technology
Centennial College can introduce you to a career in electrical engineering technician or technology.
How to Find Student Housing in Canada
Canada's housing market is rough, so finding a place to live as an international student isn't easy. Here's how you can find a room to rent.
Canada Puts a Pause on Deportations Over Acceptance Letter Scam
Some international students were given fraudulent acceptance letters by education agents. Now Canada's pausing the deportation of these students.
Immersive Learning: Why You Should Consider Studying Abroad
Get a global education, and polish up your resumé, by internationalizing your degree.
Getting Ready for Canada as an International Student
Useful tips and advice to help you prepare for your arrival in Canada.
How to Start a Successful Business Career in Canada
Learn about some of the helpful tools at Concordia's John Molson School of Business.
Canada is Extending International Students
If your PGWP has expired, or is expiring soon, you can extend it another 18 months so you can stay in Canada longer.
Celebrate International Women
March 8, 2023 is International Women's Day. Check out what some schools and scholarships are doing to support women!
Thinking About Adding a Co-op Program to Your Degree?
Mount Royal grad Anna landed her dream job thanks to her co-op work experience, and so could you!
Getting Ready for the Canadian Winter
Find out how you can enjoy your winter in Canada.
Winter in Toronto: Everything You Need to Stay Warm
Discover the top 5 things you'll need to stay warm during a Canadian winter.
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