Discover: Life in Canada

How to Earn While You Learn
Scholarships and employment opportunities for international students in Canada.
How to Prepare for a Canadian Winter
An international student shares her tips on keeping warm this winter.
Making the Most of Winter in Canada
Tips for surviving a Canadian winter while having fun and keeping active.
Everything You Need to Know to Survive Winter
Get yourself covered so you can enjoy the wintery brilliance of Canada.
10 Things to Know Before Your Move to Canada
There are plenty of reasons an increasing number of international students choose Canada.
How to Handle a Canadian Winter: An International Student
Advice on dealing with winter so you can keep focused on your classes.
Extra-Curriculars: Prepare for School by Doing What You Love
Taking part in clubs, athletics, and other activities is as important as getting good grades.
How to Make the Most of Your Canadian Post-Secondary Journey
Post-secondary isn't just about getting good grades: it's a whole lot more!
Work Opportunities for International Students
Did you know that you can work while you study at York University?
Dear First Year Self: V2 [VIDEO]
Advice from upper year students on saving money, tutoring, and more.
How to Live With a Roommate
Co-habitation is tough. Read on for advice on making it a little easier.
International Students: Watch Out for these Scams!
Newcomers are often targets for scams and extortion: learn how to recognize the signs.
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