Discover: Life in Canada

Tips for Eating Healthy as an International Student
School is a busy time of year, so don't fall behind on your nutrition! Check out these tips for balancing school and your nutrition.
Updated: Everything You Need to Know about Vaccine Passports in Canada
Many provinces are using a vaccine passport that will restrict unvaccinated citizens from entering certain businesses, events, and activities. Check out what your province has decided.
Your Student Experience at Wilfrid Laurier University
Learn more about life as a Wilfrid Laurier University student.
Get Paid Work Experience While You Study: Co-op & More!
The best learning environments unite theory and practice.
Student Perspective: 5 Tips for Dealing with Homesickness when Studying Abroad
E'layna, a student from The Bahamas, shares her advice on staying calm and collected while studying away from home.
Welcome Back: Fully-Vaccinated Travellers Can Now Visit Canada Without Quarantine
The fourteen-day quarantine period has been removed for travellers from abroad who have been fully vaccinated.
Everything You Need to Know About Co-op Programs as an International Student
Are you considering adding a co-op program to your degree? Have all your questions answered in this one article!
How to Thrive as an International Student in Canada
Being a student in a different country is exciting and scary. Check out this guide on how to succeed as an international student in Canada.
Are You Eligible for Canada
Students from more than a dozen countries around the world may be able to quickly receive a Canadian study permit.
Explore Your Future in the Trades or Applied Technology Fields
Check out these five reasons to consider a career in the trades.
Updated: Become a Permanent Resident in Canada with this New Government Program
Canada is opening a new pathway to permanent residence for temporary workers and international graduates, as well as a new open work permit.
How to Travel to Canada for School This Fall
With Covid-19 restrictions slowly being lifted, the opportunity to travel to Canada to study has started again!
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