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Everything You Need to Know About Co-op Programs as an International Student
Are you considering adding a co-op program to your degree? Have all your questions answered in this one article!
How to Become a Psychologist in Canada
Discover everything you need to know about psychologists in Canada, from education and training to salary.
Updated: Quebec Raises Tuition for Out-of-Province and International Students and Requires They Learn French
The Government of Quebec raises tuition fees to a minimum of $12,000 for out-of-province students and $20,000 for international students, and now requires they learn French.
Discover the Top Universities in Canada and Across the World for 2024
QS Top Universities have released their world university rankings for 2024. Check out which schools cracked the top 10!
How to Become an Accountant in Canada
Discover what it takes to work as an accountant in Canada: education, salary, skills, career prospects, and more!
Understanding Canadian Grad School Admission Tests
Discover what admission tests are common when applying to grad school, how you can study, and what scores to aim for.
7 Ways to Prepare for Grad School While in College or University
Check out these tips for how you can take the next steps towards grad school while you complete your undergrad.
New Changes Coming to the LSAT as of August 2024
If you're planning on studying law, you'll need to take the LSAT exam. Find out how the LSAT will be changing this summer.
Everything You Absolutely Need Know About Grad School
If you're considering going to grad school, learn more about your options, deadlines, costs, and more.
2024 Maclean
Do you want to become a nurse in Canada? Get your education at one of these top 20 schools for the best nursing programs.
2024 Maclean
Discover which schools made Maclean's list for the best computer science programs.
2024 Maclean
Do you want to become an engineer? Start your education at one of the universities with the best engineering program.
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