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2022 Goals of a Western Student
New year, new goals! Western student Emily plans to make the most out of 2022: here's how.
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Hear real international students talk about what matters most: school, work, food, and more!
Why I Chose Ontario Tech: An International Student Perspective
An international student shares what drove them to Ontario Tech University.
How to Battle Senioritis in the Last Year of Your Degree
A University of Alberta student shares their tips on how to get through the final year of your degree.
What to Do When You Can
So you don't know what to do after high school. The good news is you're not alone.
Five Things to Do This Holiday Break
Ryerson University suggests some fun activities to do during your holiday break.
Getting Work Experience in Canada as an International Student
Jaimin, a 3rd-year student from Kenya studying Biology and Environmental Studies, shares how the Career Centre helped him get a job in Canada.
Understanding and Preventing Burnout
Alexander College helps you recognize burnout and provides tips on how to prevent it.
5 Ways to Revamp Your Habits for the New Year
How to create healthy routines and patterns for success in 2022!
Remembrance Day in Canada
November 11 marks a day of solemn reflection on our difficult past, and a chance to dream of a more hopeful future.
Homesickness: What it is, and How to Overcome it
Homesickness hits us all now and then. Do you have strong strategies to handle it?
3 Ways to Manage School-Related Anxiety
Take a deep breath and let us help.
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