Social networking and student success


Social networking, once upon a time, was simply a tool for students to stay connected. But today, chances are, your teachers are on Facebook, and, for some, your mom has a profile, too.

Now, social networking sites are multipurpose tools to connect with those around you and explore special interest, arts, and culture networks. If only you could use your social networking profile to choose a school and explore careers. Now you can! You can use Facebook and other social networking sites to research and choose a school, explore careers, and more! allows you to take virtual campus tours right on Facebook, research schools, and discuss your options with friends and other students. A Discussion Board allows you to talk with students already attending the schools you are interested in so you can get information from those on the inside track.

Students can post videos of life on campus, from events to everyday life, and athletics to exchange trips. All of these features and more are available on the " - Campus eTours" group on Facebook.

Social networking is all about expanding your web of connections to have a more far-reaching knowledge of your interests, industry, school, contacts, and groups. Sites like MyWorkster, Linked In,, and even MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook are starting to acknowledge the importance of networking to jumpstarting your current or future career.

If you are a student, explore your career possibilities and make contacts in your future industry. If you haven't decided on a future career, the 3-Step Career Quiz is a great place to start exploring!

Modified on April 23, 2009