Finding Scholarships In Canada

Whether you know where you want to study or not, we can help match you with scholarships.


Scholarships are one of the easiest ways to help pay for your education abroad. If you are looking to study in Canada, then you should definitely look into what opportunities are available to you in terms of financial aid and awards.

Whether you know where you want to study in Canada, or you are still looking for the right school for you, is a great resource that will not only help you find the perfect school but will help you pay for it.

Easily search through hundreds of schools to see what scholarships they offer. You can also search by your field of study in order to find scholarships that may be offered by organizations outside of the school you plan to attend.

Once you have found a scholarship that you wish to apply for, there will be a website listed that you can go to for more information, or there will be contact information for the scholarship administrator.

The key to being awarded scholarships is to apply! There is a strong correlation between the number of awards a student receives and the number of awards they apply to. Use the resources available to you through and to find award information and more.

Modified on February 22, 2017