How Can You Afford Your Dream University?

A few scholarship and application tips to get you started on the road to university.

A student at Redeemer University College works on an application.

When thinking about a university education, there are many questions, including those of cost and debt. A post-secondary education is expensive, and the cost of tuition, housing, meals, and textbooks can definitely add up! Universities understand this, and as a result many offer scholarships and bursaries to help with affordability.

Most Canadian universities have their tuition and financial aid information on their websites which you can easily access. We encourage you to start an application for your selected degree and program early on in school year. Then you will have access to fill in the financial aid application. Every award has a different set of criteria and filling in your financial aid application will tell you what you're eligible for. Below are some of the options you will see on your financial aid application.

Scholarships are merit-based awards given for your achievements, contributions, leadership roles, athletic ability, or specific major. All incoming secondary school and transfer students are automatically considered for Redeemer University College Academic Entrance Scholarships, which are awards based on your incoming admission average. These awards start at an 85% average and are valued up to $2,000.

Bursaries are awards available to students who demonstrate financial need. At Redeemer University College, one of the largest is the Leadership Scholarship. There are 10 awards of $2,000 each available to incoming students. If you have shown leadership in your school, community or church, we encourage you to select it when filling in your financial aid application! You can find a wide array of scholarship and bursary listings on

Because of varying application processing times, it is crucial that you start your application early. Many students run into complications when applying for their study permit because they left too little time to process the necessary travel documents. To stay up to date on study permit processing times, click here to read the official timeline from the Government of Canada. Make sure to continually check back on the timeline for any changes, but to be safe, it's best to apply as soon as the application for your intended program opens up!

Find out more about how you can apply to Redeemer on our website. Complete your admission application early, and then fill in your financial aid application by February 28. Let us help you start your journey to your dream university!

Modified on October 01, 2019

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