Archived Polls

Should there by a tax or fee for people who choose not to get a covid vaccine? 13/01/2022
Will you get a covid vaccine booster shot? 23/12/2021
What's the first thing you'll do once final exams are over? 02/12/2021
Have you connected with a student ambassador of the school(s) you're interested in — to chat, ask questions, and learn about the school? 17/11/2021
Have you attended an open house this fall? 03/11/2021
How important are university and college rankings to you? 20/10/2021
Have you lost any trust in Facebook / Instagram over the last few weeks? 06/10/2021
Are you satisfied with the results of the recent Canadian federal election? 22/09/2021
Ryerson University is changing its name as part of reconciliation for the residential schools system. Should other names and statues come down? 02/09/2021
Are you prepared for the upcoming September 20 federal election in Canada? 18/08/2021
Have you got your COVID-19 vaccine yet? 09/08/2021
Have you got your COVID-19 vaccine yet? 09/08/2021
How closely are you following the Tokyo 2020 Olympics? 29/07/2021
Now that things are opening up, what are you most excited to do? 14/07/2021
Are you in favour of mandatory COVID vaccines for those on campus or living in residence in September? 16/06/2021
Did you attend a virtual event over the past year? 27/05/2021
Are you at all hesitant about getting a covid vaccine? 12/05/2021
Are you considering a gap year instead of college or university this September? 28/04/2021
Have you started looking for a summer job? 15/04/2021
Do you think you'll be studying on-campus this fall? 31/03/2021