Archived Polls

Have you used any AI tools, like ChatGPT, for your school work? 08/03/2023
How far do you plan to go with your education? 15/02/2023
Should Canadian schools teach Indigenous literature in English classes? 01/02/2023
How is your New Year's resolution going? 11/01/2023
Which topic would you most like to see covered in our next webinar? 21/12/2022
How's your mental health these days? 07/12/2022
Should schools re-introduce mandatory masking for the winter? 18/11/2022
Did you attend a virtual event over the past year? 02/11/2022
What's top-of-mind for you these days? 21/10/2022
How will you spend your reading week? 04/10/2022
With Queen Elizabeth II's passing, should Canada preserve or abolish the monarchy? 14/09/2022
Are you interested in attending any in-person education events this fall? (Education fairs, career fairs, school open houses, etc.) 24/08/2022
Should students need to "prove" claims of Indigenous ancestry for school or scholarship applications? 11/08/2022
Is your student loan estimate going to be enough for school? 18/07/2022
How much time do you spend on social media each day? 29/06/2022
Have you seen efforts at your school to incorporate Indigenous ways of knowing and being? 15/06/2022
Should personal phones & tablets be banned from high school classrooms? 30/05/2022
Hey, you! What's your favourite social media platform? 11/05/2022
Are you interested in the virtual reality 'metaverse'? 20/04/2022
Are you interested in the virtual reality 'metaverse'? 20/04/2022