Archived Polls

Are you concerned about the different covid variants being detected in Canada? 12/02/2021
How do you feel about an eventual return to pre-pandemic life? 01/02/2021
Restrictions to curb the spread of COVID-19 where I live are... 12/01/2021
Happy 2021! Do you have a New Year's resolution -- and will you keep it? 30/12/2020
Will you get together with friends and/or family this holiday season? 14/12/2020
Will you take a Covid-19 vaccine as soon as it's widely available? 03/12/2020
Application season is here! How's your 2021 looking? 25/11/2020
How's your semester going so far? 27/10/2020
What's your opinion on current COVID-19 safety measures where you live? 08/10/2020
What's your school saying about the upcoming winter semester? 23/09/2020
What's your biggest concern about the fall semester? 03/09/2020
What are your plans for September? 19/08/2020
Would you sign a COVID-19 liability waiver if it meant attending school on-campus this fall? 22/07/2020
September is on its way! What do you think should happen with K-12 students for the fall term? 14/07/2020
It's officially summer! What are your plans? 22/06/2020
Are you excited for the NBA playoffs to resume in July? 08/06/2020
Will you pursue college or university in the fall if courses are held entirely online? 14/05/2020
What is your biggest concern in the coming months? 30/04/2020
Are you going to continue with your plan for post-secondary during and after this pandemic? 13/04/2020
How are you dealing with social distancing and isolation during the coronavirus pandemic? 26/03/2020