Archived Polls

Would you enroll in a program that did NOT offer an internship, co-op or work placement ("work-integrated learning")? 21/06/2019
If you're in post-secondary, have you ever thought about transferring schools or programs? 14/06/2019
Who's going to win the NBA Finals? 10/06/2019
How important is 'prestige' when you're choosing a post-secondary institution? 07/06/2019
What's the point of getting an education, anyway? 31/05/2019
Safe spaces on campus — how do you feel about this phenomenon? 17/05/2019
Global climate change - real or not, inevitable or avoidable, worried or hopeful? What are your thoughts on climate change? 03/04/2019
In your transition from high school to college or university (or work), did you get (or are you getting) enough counselling? 05/03/2019
The Canadian Government has released the new food guidelines. How would you best summarize the new guidelines? 24/01/2019
Which of the payment methods below is your preferred day-to-day payment method? Please choose your top answer. 20/12/2018
It was Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week – November 18 -24, 2018. In your opinion what is bullying (courtesy of 23/11/2018
What mobile app do you use to access your email? 05/11/2018
Do you use an adblocker when surfing the web? 11/10/2018
How did you find your transition from high school to post-secondary? 27/09/2018
In the months leading up to university and college application deadlines, how frequently would you like to receive emails from the schools you're interested in? 06/09/2018
What is the most exciting thing about going back to school for you? 13/08/2018
Do you think the Canadian government should fund the 16,000 Saudi Arabian students who will be left without funding by the Saudi government? 07/08/2018
How important is campus safety to you? 30/07/2018
How often do you like to receive email newsletters from a particular brand or company? 06/07/2018
Who do you think is most likely to win the 2018 World Cup? 14/06/2018