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Cook Training

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Program Information

School:Cascade Culinary Arts School
Degree:Not Applicable; Apprenticeship
Field of Study:Food Preparation/Professional Cooking/Kitchen Assistant
Description:In October of 2003, Cascade Culinary Arts School was awarded a provincial contract to provide Level One and Level Two Cook's Training Apprenticeship. This is good news for the food services industry in the Fraser Valley. Students who graduate from the Culinary Arts School are able to continue developing their skill base in Level Two Apprenticeship Training while working full-time in the local food services industry. Cooks already working in the community who want to upgrade are able to upgrade with Level One and Level Two Apprenticeship Training. Each program takes twenty weeks, one day a week, so you can develop your skill base and advance your career training while you work.
URL:Cook Training at Cascade Culinary Arts School
Length:20 Week(s)
Application #:24
Modified on January 01, 2007