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Alderian Intergrative Psychotherapy

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Program Information

School:ADLER Graduate Professional School
Field of Study:Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy
Description:This program may be taken for credit to fulfill Modality-Specific competencies required for CRPO membership as a Registered Psychotherapist or as electives in the Master of Psychology program. It may also be taken as a series of noncredit workshops in the Faculty of Applied Learning. Adlerian Integrative Psychotherapy is based on the Adlerian approach of Individual Psychology, emphasizing the uniqueness and creativity of the individual. It is designed for those specializing in Adlerian Psycho- therapy and its many related modalities and practices and is reviewed and updated annually to fulfill the modality-specific requirements of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario.

CRPO registration requires education and training in competencies required of any psychotherapist, and in some cases of any regulated health professional in Ontario. Extensive training and education in a specific modality, at least one of many recognized in Ontario, is also a key requirement, along with development of what CRPO has labeled “safe and effective use of self (SEUS).” Depending on the modality, SEUS development may be accomplished by the student therapist’s own psychotherapy, by a self-reflective process in supervision, or by other means.
URL:Alderian Intergrative Psychotherapy at ADLER Graduate Professional School
Length:2 Year(s)
Modified on June 24, 2016