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Trauma Psychotherapy

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Program Information

School:ADLER Graduate Professional School
Field of Study:Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy
Description:This program may be taken for credit to fulfill Modality-Specific competencies required for CRPO membership as a Registered Psychotherapist or as electives in the Master of Psychology program. It may also be taken as a series of noncredit workshops in the Faculty of Applied Learning. Adler Trauma Psychotherapy is based on extensive research that connects the experience of traumatic stress with common mental and physical problems including anxiety, depression, addictions, self-harm behaviours, personality disorders, interpersonal and family dysfunction, and a multitude of somatic symptoms. The program is designed for those who wish to specialize in Trauma Psychotherapy or to add it to other treatment modalities.
URL:Trauma Psychotherapy at ADLER Graduate Professional School
Length:2 Year(s)
Modified on June 24, 2016