Futures Canadian College of Business, Health & Technology



Futures Canadian College, now a designated learning institute, wants to be involved in the academic and career development of our students. Giving them access to career counselling and work placements. Futures Canadian College develops students as persons and helps them become better citizens. We believe that a college education prepares students not only for a job but also for life.

Futures Canadian College has partnerships with local businesses and communities that collectively prepare our graduates to transition into the next phase in their career with great promise and success. We pride ourselves on a dynamic learning experience and we encourage growth through other interests outside of the classroom through our co-op and internship programs.

Areas of Expertise

The Co-op and Intern Programs at Futures Canadian College is truly one of its kind. We have created the perfect pathway for our students to succeed in their careers. By utilizing our strong network and relationships with organizations and businesses we are able to offer our students a co-op experience unlike any other college. Most of our students who complete our programs are eventually hired by the company where they had there co-op term at.

Want to work in Canada? Futures Canadian College has created Work and Study Programs for all students who want to transition into the Canadian workforce. Through this program, students will be able to fully experience Canadian work culture in a way no school can offer.

Modified on September 23, 2021