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McMaster University - Faculty of Engineering

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Architecture, Engineering, and Related Technologies

Automation Engineering Technology Bachelor; Co-op
Automotive and Vehicle Engineering Technology Bachelor; Co-op
Bachelor of Civil Engineering & Management Bachelor; Co-op
Bachelor of Computer Engineering & Management Bachelor; Co-op
Bachelor of Engineering Physics & Management Bachelor; Co-op
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering & Management Bachelor; Co-op
Bioengineering Bachelor; Co-op
Biotechnology Bachelor; Co-op
Chemical and Biomedical Engineering Bachelor; Co-op
Chemical Engineering Bachelor; Co-op
Chemical Engineering and Management Bachelor; Co-op
Chemical Engineering and Society Bachelor; Co-op
Civil and Biomedical Engineering Bachelor; Co-op
Civil Engineering Bachelor; Co-op
Civil Engineering & Society Bachelor; Co-op
Civil Engineering Infrastructure Technology Associate; Co-op
Computer Engineering Bachelor; Co-op
Computer Engineering and Management Bachelor; Co-op
Computer Engineering and Society Bachelor; Co-op
Electrical and Biomedical Engineering Bachelor; Co-op
Electrical Engineering Bachelor; Co-op
Electrical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering Bachelor; Co-op
Electrical Engineering and Society Bachelor; Co-op
Engineering Physics Bachelor; Co-op
Engineering Physics & Society Bachelor; Co-op
Engineering Physics and Biomedical Engineering Bachelor; Co-op
Health, Engineering Science and Entrepreneurship (HESE) Specialization Bachelor; Co-op
Manufacturing Engineering Technology Associate
Materials and Biomedical Engineering Bachelor; Co-op
Materials Engineering Bachelor; Co-op
Materials Engineering & Society Bachelor; Co-op
Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering Bachelor; Co-op
Mechanical Engineering Bachelor; Co-op
Mechanical Engineering and Society Bachelor; Co-op
Mechatronics (B.Eng.Management) Bachelor; Co-op
Mechatronics and Biomedical Engineering Bachelor; Co-op
Mechatronics and Society Bachelor; Co-op
Mechatronics Engineering Bachelor; Co-op
Power and Energy Engineering Technology Associate
Software and Biomedical Engineering Bachelor; Co-op
Software Engineering Bachelor; Co-op
Software Engineering & Society Bachelor; Co-op
Software Engineering (B.Eng.Management) Bachelor; Co-op
Software Engineering Technology Associate; Co-op

Business, Management and Public Administration

Physical and Life Sciences and Technologies

Biotechnology Bachelor; Co-op

Mathematics, Computer and Information Sciences

Computer Science Bachelor; Co-op

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