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Wedding Planner - Toronto area

Jodi, 28, is the sole founder of Simply Perfect - a wedding planning company based in Richmond Hill. Her company provides service to the Greater Toronto and surrounding areas.

Stephanie: What made you decide to become a wedding planner?
I have a passion for perfection - I enjoy researching, planning and organizing the details required for the execution of a successful event. It is the uncertainty of what will happen next - Murphy's Law - that drives me to cue each moment and foresee the next. I have been involved in special event management and design for eight years - mainly in theatre, and it is that live rush that I thrive on. A wedding is the showcase of special event production at its finest - the emotions are real, and there is only one chance for success.

I came across the International Correspondence School which offered a diploma in bridal consulting. Knowing I wanted a change and more control over my work and life, I decided to take the course. At the end of my studies I became a member of the Association of Bridal Consultants to help further my education and enhance my skills.

Stephanie: What do you like about your job?
I like meeting new people in the industry and learning new trends and ideas that will compliment any event. And the wedding day itself - seeing all the different aspects of that day happen as planned.

Stephanie: What is your least favorite part of the job?
Saying goodbye to a bride after spending so much time together.

Stephanie: What advice do you have for someone considering becoming a wedding planner?
Speak with other wedding planners, and should the opportunity arise, shadow a wedding. This will help you find out what happens behind the scenes when nerves are raw and emotions are high.

Stephanie: What kind of an education do you need to be a wedding planner? What kind of formal education do you have?
Unfortunately, bridal consulting is not regulated - anyone can be a consultant. To add credibility, I would suggest taking small business management and event planning courses. I am a graduate of York University where I received an honours degree in theatre production. I specialized in stage management and lighting design. I completed the incubator program of the Richmond Hill Business Resource Centre, and received a bridal consultant diploma from the International Correspondence School.

Stephanie: What is your wedding horror story? Or, what is the best wedding experience you have been involved with?
The ultimate horror story would have to be the drunk DJ - you can imagine.
The sweetest wedding was when I was given a bouquet of roses for a job well done - in front of all the guests!

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