Wedding Planners

(NOC 1226)

Career Description

Wedding planners organize weddings and handle the booking of venues, caterers, florists, musicians, etc. Their responsibilities include style, coordination and etiquette advice and custom decorating.

Duties May Include

Wedding planners help brides and grooms with a variety of subjects, decisions and concerns, including:

Selecting, or designing and fitting bridal attire and accessories;

Choosing wedding colour(s) and mood;

Selecting and/or arranging flowers;

Selecting appropriate music for different parts of the wedding;

Selecting invitations/decorations/refreshments;

Deciding on the timing and schedule for the ceremony/reception;

Calming bridal stresses;

Providing help with tradition and etiquette.

Examples of Titles

Wedding Planner


There is no typical week in this profession. Hours for wedding planners/consultants vary tremendously, depending on current work load, season, day of the week, etc. At some times, wedding planners find themselves working 14-16 hours a day, at others a few hours of work, or none at all.

Here are some schools that have programs related to this career:

Modified on April 07, 2022