Managers in Publishing

(NOC 512)


These statistics are for the career grouping of Managers in Art, Culture, Recreation and Sport, which includes Managers in Publishing.

The retirement rate is relatively low for a management occupation. The number of job openings arising from expansion demand will not be particularly high, but will still be higher than over the 1999-2008 period. Expansion demand will be stronger over the projection period because, with the aging of the population, more people will engage in the arts, recreation and sport.

Job seekers will be new graduates and other management occupations. As in the other management occupations, the strong mobility toward this occupation is explained by the fact that many years of experience are often required to obtain a position as a manager in arts, culture, recreation and sport.

Job Seekers: 11,810
Job Openings: 6,985

Job prospects for this career are rated Limited

Last Updated: May 20, 2012