(NOC 2161)


These figures are for mathematicians, statisticians and actuaries:

Over the past few years, the number of mathematicians, statisticians and actuaries has increased significantly. This increase is primarily the result of diversification of the fields in which actuaries work and strong demand for statistical products.

Opportunities will mainly come from employment increase and from jobs that become vacant as mathematicians, statisticians and actuaries move to other occupations or retire. For example, their training and experience give them access to managerial positions. With the right level of education, they can also work as college teachers or university professors (NOC 4131 and NOC 4121).

One indication of the strong demand for actuaries is the high job placement rate for people with a bachelor's degree in actuarial studies, which is much higher than for all bachelor's graduates. Their average salary is also much higher than the average for all graduates with a bachelor's degree and their unemployment rate much lower (in fact nil from 2001 to 2007 and very low in 2009).

Job Seekers: 3,136
Job Openings: 2,909

Job prospects for this career are rated Limited

Last Updated: July 10, 2012