(NOC 3114)


These comments apply to the career group Physicians, Dentists and Veterinarians.

Job openings will result from both employment growth and retirements. In fact, because the Canadian population is aging, the demand for health services will greatly increase and the need for health care professionals will therefore rise. Employment growth will be higher for physicians, dentists and veterinarians than for any other occupation. The retirement rate in this occupational group will also be high, given that these workers tend to be older than average. On the other hand, the type of knowledge required to work in this occupational group is so highly specialized that immigration and mobility cannot compensate for the increase in labour demand. Hence, new graduates will be the main source of job seekers. A substantial increase in the number of graduates is needed to fill the gap between labour demand and supply created by the current excess demand and the future shortage; however, training a physician takes a long time, which makes it difficult to resolve this issue in the short term.

Job Seekers: 46,566
Job Openings: 57,594

Job prospects for this career are rated Good

Last Updated: June 22, 2012