Nurses (RNs)

(NOC 3152)


These comments apply to the career grouping of Nursing Supervisors and Registered Nurses.

Opportunities will open up mainly through retirement and, to a lesser degree, from employment increase. Some career opportunities will result from promotions to supervisory and management positions. There is little turnover in this occupation but some registered nurses with university grades are turning to university or college teaching positions (NOC 4121 and NOC 4131).

The aging population and related increase in degenerative diseases, coupled with the appearance of new ailments and treatments and heightened public awareness of health issues, have stimulated job creation for registered nurses.

The increased demand for registered nurses will not always translate into new jobs. The shortage of graduates means that the demand will not be fully met. Further, part of the demand can be met by increasing the number of hours nurses work. Part-time employment has decreased slightly in the past few years, although it is still very widespread. This strategy will be hard to implement, however, because many nurses refuse to work full time.

Since health system managers want to hire staff that is more versatile, nurses with Bachelor's degrees are in greater demand. Pursuing a university education is also an asset for head nurse and supervisor positions.

Job Seekers: 128,670
Job Openings: 161,991

Job prospects for this career are rated Good

Last Updated: May 17, 2012