(NOC 4112)


These comments apply to the career group Judges, Lawyers and Quebec Notaries.

Job opportunities will arise primarily from lawyers and notaries who are retiring and, to a lesser degree, from employment increase. Numerous other positions will become vacant because of career path advancements among lawyers and notaries. In fact, experience and education in this field provide access to a multitude of occupations that may or may not be related to the law. Namely, they allow people to access positions as university professors (NOC 4121) and financial planners (NOC 1114), and to be promoted to management positions and become judges (NOC 4111).

As the number of students enrolled in the bachelor of laws degree has recently risen significantly, their labour market situation is likely to be slightly more difficult over the next few years.

Job Seekers: 27,743
Job Openings: 32,351

Job prospects for this career are rated Fair

Last Updated: July 10, 2012