Kindergarten Teachers

(NOC 4142)


These comments are for the career grouping of Elementary School and Kindergarten Teachers.

Openings will arise primarily from the need to replace elementary school and kindergarten teachers, a relatively large number of whom will be retiring or who obtain promotions to education consultant positions (NOC 4166) and management positions in the elementary education sector. Although there is some turnover among new teachers, mainly because of the lack of job security among junior teachers and behavioural and discipline problems among students, the turnover rate is relatively low in this occupation when compared with the average turnover for all occupations. There will be additional opportunities as a result of employment increase.

The ability to handle discipline and behavioural problems is increasingly important.

The placement rate of graduates of the university programs leading to this occupation is excellent, and their unemployment rate is low. Their employment situation should remain excellent over the next few years.

Job Seekers: 147,253
Job Openings: 156,239

Job prospects for this career are rated Fair

Last Updated: May 19, 2012