(NOC 5125)


These comments apply to the career group Writing, Translating and Public Relations Professionals, which includes Interpreters.

Career opportunities will arise primarily from the need to replace translators, terminologists and interpreters who are retiring and, to a lesser degree, from employment increase. In fact, the average age of those in this occupation is considerably higher than in the work force as a whole.

The higher demand for translation is such that the need for translators should continue to increase significantly over the coming years, despite the use of automated translation and increased productivity.

The labour market status of graduates with a bachelor's degree in translation compares favourably with the situation of other university graduates. It should remain good despite the significant increase in the number of graduates in the next few years.

Job Seekers: 54,458
Job Openings: 58,261

Job prospects for this career are rated Fair

Last Updated: May 19, 2012