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These comments apply to the career grouping of Creative and Performing Artists.

Currently your work prospects are rated FAIR because:

Over the last few years, the number of painters, sculptors and other visual artists has increased slightly. Employment growth in this occupation depends primarily on growth in the economy, tourism and government funding. Considering the trends in these fields, the number of people in this occupation is expected to continue to increase slightly over the next few years.

Job opportunities will result primarily from the need to replace painters, sculptors and other visual artists who will be retiring and, to a far lesser degree, from employment increase. In this regard, note that many people in this occupation never retire as such, but continue with their activities throughout their lives.

Job opportunities will also arise due to the relatively high number of people who leave this occupation because of job insecurity. Like many other occupations in the arts, multiple employment is common. In fact, many people hold a variety of jobs to supplement their income from this occupation, which is often not enough to make ends meet. Others create works both in this occupation and as artisans and craftspersons (NOC 5244). Finally, multiple employment is frequent within the occupation as well. For example, a painter or sculptor may also teach painting or sculpting at an art school or privately.

A number of jobs will be available for graduates of college and university programs in the visual arts, plastic arts, visual design, painting, sculpture or in another field related to the fine arts. Few jobs will be filled by experienced painters, sculptors and other visual artists, who do not have a very high unemployment rate, which is normal in an occupation that consists primarily of self-employed workers. However, many people in this occupation attempt to make it a career while they also hold jobs in other occupations.

The market for paintings, sculptures and other works produced by people in this occupation is very sensitive to the economic situation, since it is essentially a market of luxury goods. In difficult times, this type of purchase is usually one of the first to be affected by reduced consumer spending. Conversely, when consumer incomes and confidence once again allow people to consider purchasing luxury items, the market for works of art usually bounces back. Similarly, the market for selling works to public organizations or private companies fluctuates strongly depending on the economy.

Other factors can also influence employment in this occupation, but in a more indirect fashion. For example, as many baby-boomers reach the age of retirement or early retirement, there could be a significant rise in the number of people engaging in visual arts, and consequently a rise in the demand for art courses.

Considering all these factors, the number of painters, sculptors and other visual artists is expected to rise slightly over the next few years.

Job Seekers: 36,946
Job Openings: 44,789

Job prospects for this career are rated Good

Last Updated: May 10, 2012