Drywall Installers and Finishers

(NOC 7284)


These comments apply to the career grouping of Masonry and Plastering Trades.

Job prospects in this career are rated LIMITED because:

For Masonry And Plastering Trades, over the period of 2011-2020, job openings are expected to total 22,880. It is expected that 29,052 job seekers will be available to fill these job openings.

Despite a low retirement rate, 60% of job openings will arise from retirements. The low retirement rate in this occupation is due to the fact that workers are generally younger than the average and retire later than those in other occupations. Consequently, the gap between the average age of workers and the retirement age is above the average.

The number of job openings arising from economic growth will be much lower than during the 1999-2008 period, during which the construction industry was stimulated by the building of new housing units, a substantial increase in renovation costs and, more recently, the increase in non-residential construction costs. However, the recent recession and a slowdown of population growth will result in a decrease in demand for housing and, therefore, a drop in the number of new job openings for masonry and plastering tradespeople.

Job Seekers: 29,052
Job Openings: 23,382

Job prospects for this career are rated Limited

Last Updated: May 13, 2012