Supervisors, Library, Correspondence, and Related Information Workers

(NOC 1213)

Career Description

Supervisors of library, correspondence and related information workers supervise and co-ordinate the activities of workers in the following unit groups: Library assistants and clerks (NOC 1451), Correspondence, publication and regulatory clerks (NOC 1452) and Survey interviewers and statistical clerks (NOC 1454).

Duties May Include

  • Co-ordinate, assign and review the work of clerks engaged in the following duties: conducting surveys and interviews; collecting and compiling statistics; preparing and issuing licences, passports and other regulatory documents; reshelving books and performing other tasks in libraries; writing correspondence including e-mails and preparing material for translation and publication
  • Establish work schedules and procedures and co-ordinate activities with other work units or departments
  • Resolve work-related problems, monitor services provided by clerks and agents, and prepare and submit progress and other reports
  • Train workers in job duties and company policies
  • Requisition supplies and materials
  • Ensure smooth operation of computer systems and equipment and arrange for maintenance and repair work
  • May perform the same duties as workers supervised.

Examples of Titles

Advertising clerks supervisor
Correspondence clerks supervisor
Library clerks supervisor
Publication clerks supervisor
Statistical clerks supervisor
Survey interviewers supervisor

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Modified on January 26, 2022