Loan Officers

(NOC 6235)

Career Description

Financial sales representatives sell basic deposit, investment and loan products and services to individuals and businesses.

Duties May Include

  • Open new personal and non-personal accounts, and provide access to automated banking machine, telephone banking and online banking services
  • Interview applicants for personal, mortgage, student and business loans
  • Promote the sale of deposit, investment, credit and loan products and services
  • Assist clients by proposing solutions to address financial objectives such as business expansion, debt management, investment and other financial goals
  • Research and evaluate loan applicant's financial status, references, credit and ability to repay the loan
  • Complete credit and loan documentation
  • Submit credit and loan applications to branch or credit manager with recommendations for approval or rejection; or approve or reject applications within authorized limits ensuring that credit standards of the institution are respected
  • Prepare statements on delinquent accounts and forward irreconcilable accounts for collector action
  • Review and update credit and loan files
  • Act as joint custodian for cash and securities.

Examples of Titles

Credit Officer
Debt counsellor
Financial services officer
Financial services representative
Loan Officer
Mortgage Officer
Sales associate - personal banking

Where They Work

Financial sales representatives work in banks, credit unions, trust companies and similar financial institutions.

Here are some schools that have programs related to this career:

University of Waterloo
Waterloo, Ontario, CA

Related Program(s):
Sustainability and Financial Management Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
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Modified on January 26, 2022