Chinese Medical Practitioners

(NOC 3144)

Career Description

Chinese medical practitioners provide alternative forms of health care to patients.

Duties May Include

Chinese medical practitioners employ herbs, finger pressure, manipulation and other natural healing techniques.

Specifically, Chinese medical practitioners diagnose the diseases, physiological disorders and injuries of patients and treat them using raw herbs and other medicines, dietary supplements or acupuncture.

Herbalists advise patients on the use of herbs for the treatment of conditions such as arthritis, rheumatism, asthma, skin disorders and stomach ailments and may sell these herbs.

Homeopaths diagnose illnesses and treat them by administering, in chemical or herbal form, a small dosage of the illness itself or by suggesting lifestyle changes.

Reflexologists apply gentle finger pressure to specific spots on the clients' hands or feet to promote relaxation and better health and well-being.

Rolfers systematically manipulate various parts of the body such as the legs and shoulders in order to realign the structure of the body and reduce chronic pain and stress.

Examples of Titles

Chinese Medical Practitioner
Doctor of Acupuncture
Doctor of Chinese Medicine
Doctor of Oriental Medicine
Homeopathic Physician
Homeopathic Practitioner

Here are some schools that have programs related to this career:

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