Education Counsellors

(NOC 4143)

Career Description

Education counsellors provide both social/personal counselling and vocational/academic counselling.

Duties May Include

Education counsellors:

Counsel students on course/program selection, timetables/scheduling, school adjustment, attendance problems, and study habits/skills;

Counsel students on career exploration/planning, vocational issues, job search strategies/skills, using a wide range of educational/occupational information;

Counsel students in crisis situations and on personal/social issues such as substance abuse, depression, eating disorders, sexuality, self-esteem, family problems, relationship/interpersonal skills, and anger management;

Consult with teachers, parents, faculty, psychologists, speech therapists, social workers, school administrators, and community agencies;

Co-ordinate co-op and school-to-work transition programs (when available) and the provision of counselling/information services such as career information services and professional development sessions for students, parents, teachers, faculty, and staff;

Administer and interpret standardized intelligence, personality, vocational, aptitude, and interest tests;

Develop and may co-ordinate study-skill groups/workshops, student orientation, and recruitment activities for graduates and co-op students in universities/colleges;

May supervise field experience of graduate counselling students or teach regular classes.

Examples of Titles

Education Counsellor
Guidance Counsellor
Personal Counsellor

Here are some schools that have programs related to this career:

Modified on May 13, 2012