Oil and Solid Fuel Heating Mechanics

(NOC 7331)

Career Description

Oil and solid fuel heating mechanics install and maintain oil, coal and wood heating systems in residential and commercial buildings.

Duties May Include

  • Read and interpret drawings or specifications to determine work to be performed
  • Lay out oil burner heating system components and assemble components using hand and power tools
  • Install oil burner components such as thermostats, motors, piping and safety devices, and connect to fuel supply, ventilation and electrical system
  • Test installed unit and adjust controls for proper functioning
  • Troubleshoot and repair malfunctioning oil burners, and their components and controls
  • Install, maintain and repair coal and wood heating systems
  • Perform scheduled maintenance service on oil and solid fuel heating systems.

Examples of Titles

Furnace installer and repairer (except gas)
Heating service mechanic
Heating systems technician
Oil burner installer
Oil burner mechanic
Oil burner mechanic apprentice
Wood burner installer

Where They Work

Oil and solid fuel heating mechanics are employed by heating systems installation and service companies.

Here are some schools that have programs related to this career:

Modified on January 26, 2022