Postal Clerks

Couriers and Messengers

(NOC 1513)


You may need a high school diploma. You may need to be eligible for bonding. You usually require navigational skills and the ability to follow directions. Bicycle / foot couriers may need to be physically fit. With experience, you may move into a clerical or delivery driver position in the company, or you could move up the ranks to become a supervisor. Most recent entrants have a high school diploma, and almost 1 in 5 has a trade / vocational certificate or community college diploma.

Degrees Associated with This Career

High School Diploma

Useful Experience/Skills

Communication skills
Knowledge of a geographical area
Physical / outdoor work
Organizational skills

Useful Secondary School Subjects

A second language
Social Studies
Computer Basics

Algonquin College
Ottawa, Ontario, CA

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Modified on January 26, 2022