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Religions and Cultures (MA)

Program Information

School:Concordia University - School of Graduate Studies
Faculty:Department of Religions and Cultures, Faculty of Arts & Science
Field of Study:Religion/Religious Studies, Other
Description:The MA in Religions and Cultures enables an in-depth study of religious traditions and religious phenomena in their social and historical contexts from an interdisciplinary and comparative perspective. The expectation is that students will acquire a sophisticated understanding of the variety of approaches to the study of religion, as well as familiarity with more than one religious tradition. This program serves the needs of a broad range of students, including those working in social services, education, non-profit organizations and development, as well as those interested in continuing on to doctoral studies in Religion.

Students who wish to engage in advanced study of particular religious traditions are advised to begin language study as soon as possible.
URL:Religions and Cultures (MA) at Concordia University - School of Graduate Studies
Modified on July 28, 2017

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