Wilfrid Laurier University - Lazaridis School of Business and Economics



International Students
Entrance: 0Lowest: $1,000Highest: $4,000
In-School: 0Lowest: $500Highest: $1,500


International Students
Entrance: 0Lowest:  Highest: $1,500

Graduate Scholarships

International Students
Entrance: 0Lowest: $1,000Highest: $5,000
In-School: 13Lowest: $500Highest: $5,000

Notes for International Students

When you apply to Laurier, you will be automatically assessed for an entrance scholarship, based on your final grades. No application is required. In your upper years, you will be automatically considered for in-course scholarships based on the grade point average (GPA) of your Laurier courses from the previous academic year. In-course scholarships begin at a GPA of 10.0 (approximately 80%) and above.

Every year, you can apply for competitive scholarships, awards and bursaries by completing an online student profile about yourself. Awards are granted based on the information you provide, including your interests, involvement, financial need, academic achievement and more. The application process begins in June and there are up to three profiles to complete once you accept your offer.

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